Concordia College Rental Options

Order Period Closed

The ordering period has come to a close. Please see us at your college’s distribution site for rental availability.

* Brown and Park Region Hall residents: due to permanently secured furniture, bed lofts are not permitted.

Bed Loft

The bed loft is a portable loft system that is durable, affordable, and most of all easy to assemble in just minutes, with no tools required. It increases much needed floor space, and since it's made of 16-gauge tubular steel, it's durable and safe. Side rails are standard-issue with every loft, and a second bed can be set up underneath to transform the loft into a bunk bed. Each bed loft will be delivered to your school for your convenience, and each one meets strict guidelines established by your school.

  • Yearly rent: $110.00 (includes $10 deposit)
  • Semester rent: $85.00 (includes $10 deposit)
  • Dimensions: 39" wide x 81" long, 60" of headroom

The loft shelf option adds an additional $10 to the rent total for both the yearly and semester rent options.

  • Loft Shelf
    • Dimensions: 14" x 10"
    • Designed to be placed on any of the four end posts
    • Extra space for cell phones, books, etc.
    • Easy to install